Mini Skein Giveaway to Support Heifer International in Honor of Pearl Chin

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Pearl Chin, the owner of New York City local yarn store Knitty City, passed away on October 27th, 2020.


We first met Pearl in 2009 after moving to New York City, and we were soon locals in the yarn store.  We were dyeing yarn in our studio apartment for fun, and in 2013 asked if Pearl would be interested in carrying some of our creations.  She was very excited to, and thought we could gauge interest in our yarn (which we started calling "Nooch Fiber", after our cat Neutron) by selling sets of mini skeins in her shop.

They were a big hit, and Pearl started carrying our full-size skeins since then.  Pearl was always there to give us valuable information from the perspective of a yarn shop owner - for instance, the reason our yarn tags are round is because Pearl knew they would pop out and be more visually interesting than a cigar band-style label when stocked on the shelf.  She was always willing to stay late at the shop and chat with us. She also invited us to participate in several in-store trunk shows, a talk about the artistic inspirations behind our colorways, and to speak at the Knitty City booth at Vouge Knitting Live! for a number of years.

But more importantly, Pearl was a dear friend.  She was a person full of spirit and full of the lust for life.  She loved the opera, and would often play the simulcast Metropolitan Opera on the radio in the shop.  She loved her husband and their children, Julie and Zac, her new grandson, Kai, and every person who visited Knitty City.  You were always a friend of Pearl's when you walked into the shop. 

We loved Pearl a lot, and we're really going to miss her. 


We thought it would be fitting to bring back our retired Mini-Skeins in memory of Pearl - she always loved them! 

We will be giving away 10 sets of 4 mini-skeins (sock/fingering weight) to 10 individuals who donate during our giveaway, which we will run from November 1st - November 30th. In December, we will randomly select the 10 winners and will email them to let them know they've won and to get their shipping information.

100% of the money raised will go to Heifer International and will be donated in honor  of Pearl Chin.  We will also request an Honor Card from Heifer International to give to Pearl's family as a small remembrance.  More information on Heifer International follows below.


No donation is required to enter our giveaway (see the $0 option), though we'd really appreciate it if you could consider donating whatever amount you can. 

There is no other way to get these Nooch Fiber mini-skeins, and after this giveaway, they'll be gone again!  So if you're looking to get some absolute classic yarn for your unfinished hexipuff quilt (we know you're out there!), here is your chance.


Seriously though, there is no way we could encapsulate the tremendous influence Pearl has had on our lives. We hope these minis are a cute reminder of her that we can use to encourage your donation =)


Heifer International ( is a charity that Pearl raised money for every year on Small Business Saturday.  Heifer International enables communities and farmers by providing animals they can use to clear land, produce wool and food, and to be useful in providing business income.  Using these animals, those in need can feed themselves and their neighbors.  They can also sell materials produced by these animals for additional income.  With our trunk shows at Knitty City in the past, we have been able to provide several sheep and alpaca, which have gone on to serve those in need for several years now.  For more information about this great organization, please use the link above.


Thank you all for your support in this difficult time.  Pearl was a central character in our life and in the world of knitting and fiber crafts - we really appreciate you and your donation to Heifer International in her honor.