Knit Patterns

Atlantic Ocean by Xandy Peters: US$6.00

The Atlantic Ocean Cowl is inspired by the waves and the way light hits the seawater. This pattern uses drop stitch lace to create a wavy light fabric, perfect to wear as a shoulder warmer on a chilly summer evening on the beach.

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Land and Sea Color Block Shawl by Dana Freed: FREE PATTERN

I love working with strong colors in bold contrast. Because the two different colorways in this shawl are used in large separate blocks, the unusual color palettes created by Nooch Fiber are really highlighted. Alternating stripes of Stockinette and Seed Stitch create extra texture within the variegated colors. You can wrap this drapey shawl many ways, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Try combining two subtly different skeins for a more refined effect, or two drastically different ones for a loud color pop!

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Lime Nut by Xandy Peters: US$6.00

The Lime Nut cowl features a unique spring stitch texture and tapered fit. A step by step spring stitch tutorial is included in the pattern and a video tutorial is available via youtube.

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Pleated Lattice Shawl by Dana Freed: US$8.00

I love creating pieces with unexpected texture combinations. The feminine, lacy lattice stitch used for the body of this shawl is offset by the more structured corrugated (or pleated) border. Contrasting color choices enhance the play in textures. The border of the shawl is worked first, and then stitches are picked up along one edge and worked from the center out with increasing every row.

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Pompom Chevron by Mariana Martins: FREE PATTERN

This hat is a quick and satisfying knit – the colorful chevrons add visual interest, while the oversized pompom adds some fun!  You only need 45 yards of each stripe color, so this is a cute and quick hat to add on to your other larger projects that use sock or fingering yarn!

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Punk Rock Fingerless Gauntlets by Dana Freed: US$6.00

The small quilted stitch used for this pattern creates a fabric that is particularly cozy and warm. A beaded edge adds a little elegance to these otherwise bold and funky hand warmers. Use bright variegated yarn and contrasting beads for something wild, or solid yarn with subtle beads for a more conservative look. Either way, these gauntlets are sure to keep you warm and fashionable for seasons to come!

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Vee Vee Shawl by Mariana Martins: FREE PATTERN

Short rows create a unique shape that works well with hand dyed yarns. This shawl allows you to mix and match heavily variegated skeins with semi-solids for a refined look with minimal pooling.

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Crochet Patterns

Mini Skein Madness Crochet Ripple Stitch Cowl by Dana Freed: US$6.00

Every Nooch Mini Skein is a small treasure. Skeins come in bundles of four that combine unusual colorways, so working with several bundles in one project opens unlimited possibilities for unexpected results. This piece is worked continuously in the round, so no turning is involved. Colors are changed when a skein runs out (not at the beginning of the row) so each wavy line is perfectly imperfect.

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Very Violet Vees by Dana Freed: US$6.00

This simple shawl is worked from the center out with increasing on either side every row and in the center every other row. The simplicity of the stitch and construction are made rich by the use of a beautiful hand dyed yarns which create tremendous depth. Although the sample shown is monochromatic, using a solid with a variegated yarn, or even two different variegated yarns, would certainly yield a dramatic effect.

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