About Us

Where we started:

Nooch Fiber started with Mariana looking for an apartment-friendly way to explore color.

She had gotten her undergraduate degree in painting and moved to New York City for non-art related grad school and quickly found that tiny apartments do no lend themselves to smelly oil paints and huge canvasses.

She had been an avid knitter for years, but had never gotten the idea to dye yarn before moving to NYC, since she had been pouring her creative energies into painting and drawing.

Mariana started off with food colors and after some successful attempts, moved on to professional dyes and yarn bases. 

She teamed up with her partner, Nick, to start a hand dyed yarn company in 2011.  They decided to name is Nooch Fiber after their cat.  Mariana likes to apply her knowledge of color theory and her artistic sensibility to every yarn she creates.

For the first two years of Nooch Fiber, all of the dyeing for Nooch Fiber happened in the living room of Mariana and Nick's small one-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The whole place was only about 400 square feet!

In early 2014, Mariana and Nick moved to New Jersey for Nick to attend graduate school. Mariana continued to dye beautiful skeins in their (slightly larger) apartment kitchen.


Where we are now:

Mariana just finished up grad school and took a job as a consultant.  She is still the artistic director for Nooch Fiber and creates all of the recipes for colorways using her trained eye.

Nowadays, many of Nooch Fiber's colorways are repeatable and Nick does most of the actual dyeing (following Mariana's recipes).  You can buy Nooch Fiber yarns online or in local yarn stores.

Nick and Mariana got married on June 28th, 2016!

Our muse and mascot, Neutron (Nooch)!