**Dyer's Choice Skein**

**Dyer's Choice Skein**

  • $22.00

Note: the skeins pictured are representations of our work!  You may receive any skein in our inventory, including a skein that has not been listed on our website!

Love surprises? Want something fun and unexpected for your next project? A dyer's choice skein of sock yarn may be for you! Here's what you do:

(1) Purchase as many of these as you would like. Their price ($22) is equivalent to our lower price skeins, but you may receive a more expensive base! So it's a good deal! The skein might be from our current posted etsy stock, it might be from unlisted stock, or it might be custom dyed for you. The skein will always be a skein of SOCK or FINGERING yarn.

(2) After you place your order, e-mail us at noochfiber@gmail.com and tell us one or two colors that you DON'T like. We will stay away from those. Please don't tell us which specific color family to choose from, as this will ruin the surprise!

(3) We will contact you if the shipping will take more than the standard 3 business days. Sometimes this may happen if our current stock is depleted and I want to custom dye a skein for you specifically. In those cases, the yarn may take up to 4 weeks to ship - I will message you on etsy if this happens, but please be advised that it is a possibility!

(4) Enjoy!

Click here to read about our bases!

About the dyeing process:
We only use colorfast professional acid dyes. Color may run a little bit during the first wash - this is normal and is not an indication of the color fading!